Tavern & Cafe

Here you will fulfill your tasty and not only demands. The space is full of colors and decorative alternations that include tradition, folk stuff and memories of the Rempetiki troupe (Rebetiko, plural rebetika, occasionally transliterated as Rembetiko, is a term used today to designate originally disparate kinds of urban Greek folk music which have come to be grouped together since the so-called rebetika revival, which started in the 1960s and developed further from the early 1970s onwards. It is a place for everyone who loves and respects the natural living).

The coffee shop is near the main entrance a place for all ages and moods. Here you will enjoy your coffee, chocolate and fresh juices. It is also the ideal place to enjoy your drink during the sunset.

And if you want to check your e mails or just surf the internet and have fun you and your kids there is n problem. Our laptops are available for you..

The foods in our tavern are made with taste and are served in a way that will challenge your senses. The chef with his assistant, exploiting their experience and our chosen materials, create a culinary delight you will adore. And if you would like something special don’t hesitate to ask it. We want you to feel like home.


Agroikia Foti :: Kriopigi Mouzakiou, 43060 Karditsa :: Tel./Fax: 24450 42595